Consulting Client Arthur Haarmeyer

Into The Land Of Darkness blog, book cover, and Facebook page

Art Haarmeyer’s blog, book cover, and Facebook page for his book, Into the Land of Darkness.

In late 2013 I was brought on board to help author Art Haarmeyer solve an ongoing problem: his WordPress website had a serious technical problem, preventing him from logging in, and his website designer held the keys. His website was a critical marketing tool for his self-published book, a memoir of his time in the Korean War called Into the Land of Darkness: A Bombardier-Navigator’s Story. After discussing the pros and cons with Art and his book editor, he chose to rebuild his website on his own hosting service, so he would always have access and control. I found a WordPress theme that looked and worked very similarly to the original theme, set up a hosting account in his name, and rebuilt his website using the new theme.

Since then Art has called on me regularly for a variety of technical issues, from creating and uploading new blog and Facebook posts, to Facebook training, to solving everyday computer glitches.