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Hot peppers from Toscano and Sons

Marin Civic Center Farmers Market

The Marin Civic Center Farmers Market is one of the largest in the San Francisco Bay Area. This week I visited Triple Delight Blueberries, Toscano and Son Farm, and Devil’s Gulch Ranch. I’m sure I’ll be back to photograph more farmers and their beautiful produce and products.

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The Sunken Garden and Garden House

Filoli Gardens

I haven’t posted in a while, mainly because I moved from Sonoma County to Marin County, in northern California. I’m as close to my home town of San Francisco as I’ll ever get, and I’m very happy to be back in the Bay Area.

In my first week here, I visited Filoli Gardens, a 125-acre estate and beautiful gardens with a fascinating history, donated in 1975 to the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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Consulting Client Arthur Haarmeyer

Into The Land Of Darkness blog, book cover, and Facebook page

Art Haarmeyer’s blog, book cover, and Facebook page for his book, Into the Land of Darkness.

In late 2013 I was brought on board to help author Art Haarmeyer solve an ongoing problem: his WordPress website had a serious technical problem, preventing him from logging in, and his website designer held the keys.  Continue reading